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Indian Weddings

Riverview Ballroom sets a picturesque backdrop for an Indian wedding, blending traditional cultural elements with modern elegance. Nestled along Hudson river, this venue provides a serene ambiance for celebrating one of life's most significant milestones. The venue is  featuring stunning NYC views which is our couples favorite backdrop for memorable pictures.

As guests arrive, they are greeted by the charm of the Riverview Ballroom. The venue's expansive windows allow natural light to flood the space, illuminating the intricate details of the décor. Vibrant floral arrangements adorn the tables, adding a burst of color to the elegant surroundings. Soft music fills the air, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and joy.

 The bride, resplendent in her traditional attire, makes her grand entrance, accompanied by her family and bridesmaids.

Our waterfront venue has separate Ballroom for Mandap Ceremony, Barat Ceremony. Riverview Ballroom can accommodate up to 700 seated guests. It is one of the best venues for Indian Weddings in New Jersey.

Throughout the ceremony, family members and guests offer their blessings and well-wishes to the couple, showering them with petals and rice as a symbol of prosperity and fertility. The sound of traditional music and the fragrance of incense create a sensory experience that transports everyone present to a realm of spiritual bliss.

Following the ceremony, guests are invited to indulge in a sumptuous feast featuring an array of Indian delicacies. 

As the evening unfolds, the Riverview Ballroom transforms into a lively dance floor, with guests joining the newlyweds in celebrating their union through music and dance. 

As the festivities draw to a close, the newlyweds bid farewell to their loved ones, surrounded by a shower of blessings and good wishes. With hearts full of love and memories to last a lifetime, they embark on their journey together, hand in hand, into a future filled with promise and happiness.

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Indian Wedding

Our professional event staff will ensure that your New Jersey Indian Wedding is unique and memorable. Our planners will help you coordinate each detail of your wedding and help you source:

  • DJs / Bands

  • Dancers

  • Artists

  • Photographers & Videographers

  • Photo Booth Vendors

  • Ice Sculpture Artists

  • Decorators


For additional information on planning an Indian Wedding in NJ, please call (201) 224-2211 or submit the Contact Us  below form

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