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Kosher / Jewish Weddings

Jewish wedding celebration at Riverview Ballroom would be a joyous and meaningful occasion, blending ancient customs with modern-day celebrations in a beautiful and festive setting.

Riverview Ballroom provides a picturesque backdrop with its spacious layout, stunning NYC and Hudson River views.

Our venue is one of the best waterfront venues in New Jersey for Jewish Weddings due to the size of our Ballrooms. Our largest Ballroom - Skyline can seat up to 700 guests.

Ceremony would take place under a beautiful chuppah symbolizing the couple's new home together.

Riverview Ballroom has a few spaces to choose from for Bedeken, Tisch , Ceremony and Reception.

Reception would take place in the Ballroom of your choice where guests would enjoy a delicious Glatt Kosher meal prepared by outside caterer. The celebration would feature lively music, dancing, and entertainment, with the newlyweds taking part in traditional dance Hora.

Inquire about celebrating your Jewish Wedding at Riverview Ballroom by filling out the form below.

Our professional event staff will ensure that your party is unique and memorable. Our planners will help you coordinate each detail of your wedding and help you source:

  • DJs / Bands

  • Dancers

  • Artists

  • Photographers & Videographers

  • Photo Booth Vendors

  • Ice Sculpture Artists

  • Decorators


For additional information on planning a Jewish / Kosher Wedding in NJ, please call (201) 224-2211 or submit the Contact Us  below form

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